Here are just some of the hundreds of comments we have received from readers through our Guest Book. They are unedited:

I have been on the net for 2 weeks now researching...researching..researching places to live, homes, etc.because my husband and I are moving there sometime later this year. Yours is THE BEST website I have found with honest information. I just loved it! Keep up the good work! J. Sharpe

We're coming to the Big Island in June and your website has given us loads of useful info. Thanks for helping us plan our long awaited "honeymoon" -- we're celebrating 25 years together! A. Roth

Thanks for having a great site. Yours is the easiest to get around. We will be arriving in 2 weeks and appreciate the information in your site. B. Ingold

Your website has provided me with the information I need to begin planning my trip. It's great! Thanks! C. Johnson

I am just a student visiting your page from Hungary, and I enjoyed your site very much. It's one of my "dreams" to visit Hawaii once in my life, and your website just made me more confident in this. Great work, really! Nicolas

I have been living in Northern California since 1971. I have been a forest worker for 20 years; fire fighter, tree seed collector, vegetation management and conservation associate. My family and I are considering a move to the big island in a year or two.  My son will be attending college in Hilo majoring in Marine Science. My wife is a Japanese massage therapist. I hope to make use of my tree climbing and conservation expertise.Your site is the best overview of Hawaii I have found on the web so far. We plan to purchase a house in Hilo. After living in the mountains 30 miles from Chico and relying on automotive transportation we are looking forward to using bicycles to get around. Is Hilo a bike friendly town? Thanks. Jim B., (email used per writer's request)
Just wanted to say that this is the best site on Hawaii that I've seen. Thanks! L. Scott
Aloha! Great website - I love Hawaii and hope to make it my home someday. Thanks for all the info. C. Gordon
I'm planning my second trip to state of Hawaii, but first to Big Island. I have visited many websites of the islands, but yours is by far the most comprehensive and FUN!
S. Gill
After spending two months on the Big Island four years ago, it was refreshing to read about it again. I loved my time there, and long to come back and meet the people I worked with at Waikoloa Baptist Church! However, money is hard to come by as a graduate student. Thanks for letting me relive my time there without having to spend all of the money! Oh, and by the way, I heard about the site through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They had a mini-write up on the site. S. P. Little, Georgia
You have done an awsome job putting this website together - pleasing to the eye, comprehensive, nicely done. I'll be back. Sorry, that's no threat it's a compliment. J. Howard
My husband and I will take our first trip to Hawaii over New Years this year. Your site has great tips and info. for first timers. Thx. D. Hogben

I have thoroughly enjoyed your website; its been most informative. We'll be taking our third trip to Hawaii (the first to the Big Island) next July & are looking for the most inexpensive way to enjoy the island. We want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so we might camp a few nights, maybe rent a kayak (definitely rent snorkel gear), etc. Thanks again for all the info... A. Gladden

We will be going to the big island in Feb. This is, without a doubt, the best, most informative site I have found. It has REAL information and a great "insider" feeling. I love the secret tips on beaches and attractions. Just what I was looking for to make our vacation unique and not just run-of-the-mill. L. Risley
I just wanted to say thanks for the use of your wonderful website. My husband is a Geologist with the United States Army and we are coming for a working visit in February. He asked me to look up some things that I may be interested in doing while there, and your site has been a great help. I just wanted to say thanks! Sincerely,
L. Jones, Jarrettsville, Maryland
You guys Rock! Just wanted to let you know that you are the most complete site on the Big Island that I've found. You have great information and I plan on doing alot of the things that you recomend when I come there in April. I couldn't find the things that I wanted to know and you sure covered alot!!!  Thanks, any other information that you have I would love to here about. V Tupinio
Something very special sent to us from Roy A. Payne, a frequent, and obviously very appreciative, visitor to Big Island:

The Beauty of Hawaii
How many times must I see it's beauty
Before I get my fill?
Orchids, flowering trees and people !
I don't think I ever will.
They have their many Luau's
With entertainment too.
Then go eat in Chinatown,
Say Aloha in place of adieu.
Waves will splash along the shore,
Where bathing beauties rest.
This is the land of Paradise.
And for BEAUTY it is the best !!!

You can read more of Roy's poems at Just type in his name in the search. Mahalo, Roy. Webmaster

Best site I have found on what's what on the Big Island. I will be there to work on a Project for a month and I wanted to get the poop on the local point of view. Thanks! R. Martin
reat sight. We are moving to the Big Island in Oct or Nov. Will be there over memorial weekend to look at a house. We love the big island and can't wait to be residents of Hawaii. We have lived in Barrow Alaska for 12 years and the cold just keeps getting colder. By the way where can we get the map you have under "where am i"? It didn't print out very good and we really need a map like that to locate areas. Thank you. G & D Cogburn

That map is out of the phone book. You can pick up good maps everywhere here. I suggest This Week Big Island, available free. Webmaster

Hi, I grew up on Oahu and my parents are flying in from Honolulu tomorrow and I thought I'd look for something Hawaiianish to discuss with my English conversation class. What a treat to find your web site. The Do's and Don'ts will be fun to discuss along with a legend or two. Nice to see a bit of home on the internet. Mahalo!
J. Bartholomew
This is the best site I have found in a long time. It's very imformative & fun. Not fluffy, touresty but gave me a real insight. We've been to Maui, Kauai and now going to Kona. Really enjoyed all the information and time you put into this. I do wish there was more info on hotels and more place to stay i.e. Place to stay with best beaches for snorkleing. Places to stay if your into "old town", I guess what I'm looking for is not to drive a lot but want to stay in an area to snorkle and swim every a lot but close to stores, resterants...where is the best areas to stay locally for... I probably didn't go into depth on your site- you may already have it listed. Thanks- your site is really fun (especially the do's and don't...) B Blair

Thank you very much for putting such an informative and entertaining (the writer has a great sense of humor) web site out on the internet.  We are coming up on our first visit to the Big Island and are very much looking forward to going to some of the places you talk about, especially the beaches!  Thanks again, and keep up the great work!! S. Borowy

This is the best web site I've seen for Hawaii. We will be visiting the Big Island in Sept. (my girlfriend is native of Oahu) and this site has been very helpful in making our plans for our stay. R. Boshears

Loved your site!!! I'll be on my third trip to the Big Island next month. Your site definitely put me in the mood and now I don't know how I'll ever be able to wait. Terry

This is one of the best sites I have found as I am preparing for a vacation in Kona! So much information. I think I will print some pages off to take with me. I actually went to school in Keaau from 4th grade through my junior year, then moved to the mainland in 1982.  Came back to visit and show my husband around in 1987. Now we are bringing our two children, ages 6 and 10, with us. I am going to be a complete tourist! Your site really helped me plan our visit and reminded me of some great spots to go see. The pidgin section just cracked me up! D. Wolgamott

I was born and raised on the Big Island in Hilo and moved away after College as many do. Found your web site and many memories came flooding back. The great grinds, the Aloha Spirit and the Pidgin English. We are taking a trip to Kona on the 24th along with my daugter and her family and we have had a lot of fun searching your site. We have many great things planned. Mahalo for the site and the memories. D.(Carvalho)Fiebelkorn

Found your site tonight. How hard we laughed at your pidgen page. I was born and raised in Honokaa. Moved to Ohio 10 years ago when my wifes dad was dying with cancer. We just never made it back. We try to teach our son Moki boy as much as we can about the Hawaiian culture. He is fasinated with da Pidgen. Now he wants to learn them all since we found your site. Love the things on your site. Can get my Hawaiian music easier now. Thanks for the laughs we had on your site brah..... Moki

This is a great site. I love the do's and dont's list. Being from the Islands I love the fact that there are pointer's for the visitors from the mainland , please keep Hawaiian Legends on this site as well , I love to read them. Mahalo-Kilika
I am leaving to the Big Island tomorrow from Honolulu. This is the best website I have ever seen. For information purposes, things to do, and a good laugh. Thanks!
S Stensing
Love your site! This is the best web site that I've come across for the visit that my wife and I will be making to your island in late March. My wife has neve been to Hawaii and I only got to visit Oahu many years ago when I was in the U.S. Navy. I plan on printing out a lot of your material and using it extensively when we visit. We are very excited about visiting your beautiful island.
Thanks so much!!! J Roe

You have one of the best websites available for info about everything Big Island & Hawai'I in general. You have been on my favorites list for a long time. In fact, my wife & I are buying a few pounds of coffee from Perry's farm today. Mahalo for the connection.

Mahalo, C Peck

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